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Are you experiencing any of these problems?


Are you feeling constantly worried, and having paralyzing thoughts about your future? 


When you are with others, do you feel self-conscious about what others are thinking about you?


Are you often feeling discriminated against and unable to fit in at work or your community?


Do you often feel sad, angry and guilty? Do you ever wish that you were not alive?


Are you struggling with relationships that leave you angry and empty?


Do you have thoughts in your mind that you feel ashamed of, and keeping silent is making you feel lonely, angry or sad?​

Benefits of Therapy


Learn how to clear your mind from fear, insecurities and worry by practicing forgiveness.  


Learn to see the past with different eyes, and to let go of the pain that traumatic events cause in your life. 


Learn how to be more satisfied with your life. Practice gratitude and fulfillment.


About me 

Hola, I am Luz Marina. Thank you for visiting this page. 


Let me help you with your worry and fears. Together we can look at your pain and guilt to find ways to be at peace with yourself. Together we can find the answer that you need to your conflicted feelings. Y Podemos hablar en Espanol o Ingles, como quieras.


I have 20 years of experience providing psychotherapy services to help clients improve their emotional life. During my sessions,  you can expect no judgments, only support, understanding, and encouragement to look deeply and compassionately at your self and your issues. Let’s work together. You can contact me for a free 15-minute consultation or an appointment. 


Gracias por leer estas palabras. 


Individual Therapy 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotional pain, worried and unable to connect with others, individual therapy can help you to feel in control of your thinking process and able to understand your uncomfortable reactions. You can develop confidence and trust in yourself and the things that you do. 

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Family, Children, and Adolescents

Being a parent is a tough job at times and can be extremely challenging. Your child or your teenager may be having difficulties at home and school.  You may feel sometimes that nothing is working to get your child’s cooperation.  Counseling can help you to be more at peace at home, gain cooperation and a better understanding of your child’s emotional needs and reactions.

Yoga at Home
Spirituality and Holistic counseling

You may feel very loaded with questions and emotions that are difficult to understand and at times you do not know what to do anymore. There is a point when you may have felt that there has to be another way to resolve your issues. Spiritual and holistic counseling may have the answer to your despair. Spirituality is not religious. It is a way to understand the universe as a whole and how all humans connect to the same source.


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